Life, connections and direction


My world shifted the other day when I caught up with an amazing friend on one of my favourite beaches to share experiences and ideas about dunes, art and community. We are co-creating a community, coast and art evening and will be sending the world a save the date invite next week.

We have a mutual friend (that’s how we met) and quite often, actually all the time, they come up in conversation. Another amazing friend that is incredibly smart, funny, quirky, passionate, deep and beautiful among much more. We got into the details of their conversation which was about me to some extent.

How I maintain my positivity? Direction? Passion? Vision?

My friend, who I was catching up with while basking in the afternoon sun on a patch of deep green coloured lawn with a soft rose coloured sunset vista of the ocean to the east summed me up… ‘How I maintain my positivity? Direction? Passion? Vision?’

I work on myself, which is completely true. 

I put myself in vulnerable positions, I open myself to challenges and I explore what’s next and what can I let go? How to re-define and keep refining who I am, what I stand for and how to create the impossible to be a possible.

I don’t dream. I make my dream happen.

At the same time I know life isn’t all sunsets, moonrise and sandcastles, as I have experienced the lows of life and still do. But I know breakdowns open breakthroughs.

While I share with the world that I am amazing, happy and positive, deep down I am just like you and can feel lonely, upset and sad. Broken hearts and headaches, we are all human. But I know I can handle it as life wouldn’t throw it at me if I couldn’t…

Whatever you are dealing with you can handle it.

Love Naomi xox

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