A sister you can only dream of

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I remember this little Colombian girl peering back at me from the back seat of her family car as I went to catch the bus after school. She was so cute. She had these big brown eyes framed by the cutest round-shaped reading glasses. All I wanted was a wave-back to know she could see me. But this perceived-to-be-shy child just stared back at me, and my friends. I wondered what she was thinking.

The next time I remember seeing her was actually meeting her at her home. I went over to her house to see her older brother to show off my new wheels – my Hilux. She vividly remembers what I was wearing and immediately thought I was cool, cause I had some cool kicks.

I was in.

In next to no time we started chatting. I was intrigued about her school life and mostly to secretly report back to her older brother. She had started doing some silly teenage things. Not nearly as significant as what I probably put my parents through, but it was enough to step in and provide some big sister advice.

The next moment we were sitting in the emergency waiting room at the Gold Coast Hospital. She started asking me a million questions. Her assertiveness was refreshing (it still is!). But I was shaken by the reality of the complicated scenario we were in – and I didn’t know I was in the play.

“So, are you my brother’s girlfriend? Do you want kids? How many kids do you want? How much money do you make? What do you do for work? Why do you like my brother?”, she said.

She was asking questions that I didn’t no how to answer – well I did. But who was I sitting there waiting to see if her brother was OK and going to be OK. Because at that stage I had no idea if I was or wasn’t the lucky girlfriend to her older brother. But I did know I had to decide, to give her peace of mind. To let her know that I would be there no matter what,  her brother’s girlfriend, friend, sister…

A sister is exactly what I became. An older sister she never had and to me she became this ball of energy to keep me alive. To keep me alive in some of the most darkest days. To keep me alive when we were faced with death, the death of her brother, my boyfriend, best friend…

It’s been almost 8 or so years of amazing sisterhood. I’m not counting as it’s the year’s ahead that I am so excited about.

Especially days like today as that little Colombian girl turned 21! 21! 21! I can’t believe it but then I can. Because most of the time she shows the maturity to be my older sister. Then I can believe she is this ball of young energy, especially when she dumps the worst farts in the car! Sorry… Katherine.

Katherine, my dearest sister. You are truly an incredible human being beyond your years. You have so much passion for life and so much to give people. So much love for humanity and most of all so much love for your loved ones.

David would be so proud of who you are. Don’t say, yeah I know. Take it in. Experience your own greatness and from here continue to inspire those around you to be better people.

Today is your day. I love you so much! I hope you have an amazing birthday and see you soon,

Your Naomi xox

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