Sunflowers & stars

landscapes nature fields sunflowers 2560x1440 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_20

“There is a green patch of lawn outside the window. It has been raining and the dogs are inside. There are mountains in the distance and to frame the view there is a garden I have planted with my best friend, my husband.

The creek outside is calming and there is music in the background. It is bliss. I am  writing academic papers and although it is Sunday it is relaxing. I am in my office which is full of books and personal treasures.

In the middle room I can hear children playing and singing songs. The house is warm, safe, white and pure, and smells like fresh bread.

Tomorrow we are driving to the sunflower belt to go camping under the stars.”

This vision brings me joy. When people ask me where I intend on being in 10 years time, most people expect me to say some hectic career aspiration. In all honesty all what I wish for, for my life, is to share it with someone who inspires me, challenges me, supports me, compliments me, calms me and excites me. Someone I get to create an even better vision with and then share it with our loved ones, and indulge in sunflowers and stars.

It sounds waffly, but I am being frank with myself. I am up for creating and living a life that I love everyday. And I get to do that but I know it’s not complete because I am not sharing it with someone equally committed to living a life they love.

I know life isn’t all sunflowers and stars. But it can be imaginary to drive myself to be the best I can be.

Where will you been in 10 years?


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