Today and tomorrow are yet to be filled with miracles


My bug and I, it’s a miracle

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Imagine if you took EVERYTHING on in your life as if it was a miracle? What would shift? EVERYTHING.

I’m a quote junkie and the last couple of days I’ve been living Albert’s words as if everything in life is a miracle. This has shifted my context of life. The meaning, vibes, energy and actions. I have taken more care and awareness of what I do and I how I occur and breathed deeper and for longer. I have sprinted as fast as I could, stretched further in yoga and bathed in sunrises and moonrises, and absorbed conversations to fuel my inspiration for life.

I have not stepped over where I have been out of line, cleaned up my out of integrity and calmed down, which is more of what I needed. I have let go of what was holding me back and created new openings for new opportunities. Challenges have been taken on as accomplishments, and some of them yet to happen.

Patience, peace, patience, peace, patience, peace, patience and peace with a simple smile.

I still haven’t done everything I have needed to do and wanted to do. But I know what has been done is a miracle. It’s a miracle that this weekend I am travelling to Glenrock Conservation Park to run an Intrepid Landcare Leadership Retreat with my miracle junkie, Megan Rowlatt.

Today and tomorrow are yet to be filled with miracles.


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