Chocolate, champagne and coasts, what’s in common?

Loving Earth chocolate, is my favourite

Loving Earth chocolate, is my favourite

When you live with a climate change adaptation scientist your nights go like this. I get home with raw, vegan, organic chocolate and lucky it was on sale, because I have dark cacao and salted caramel to choose from (I did forget the dog food!). The other scientist has champagne ready in these cute round 1970-style glasses (apparently to drink less) with a garnish of freshly cut strawberries to make it feel like an occasion.

Tonight’s occasion, a toast to chocolate, champagne and coasts – the essentials of life, right?

Sooner rather than later we skip the life talk to discuss coasts and climate change. We are the perfect match. They are passionate about the theoretical philosophies of how people will adapt and make decisions regarding ecosystem services and ecological decision making with climate change. While I am packed with practical punch, always keen get out there and do stuff, plant the dunes to buffer the coast from those more frequent wild storms. They started talking about a major project that is happening across the Pacific, how will small island communities adapt to climate change using ecosystem services, e.g. restore mangroves, dunes, coastal forests, etc. to defend the coast from climate change.

As we nibble and savour every square of chocolate and sip our champagne, I test my understanding about what they are saying…

It brings me back to my philosophical ideals for life. Only we can choose who we are going to be, and sometimes in the face of no agreement. Empowered or disempowered, fearful or fearless, nervous or courageous? This get’s us thinking about how we handle stress and question: how do we adapt to change, how can we become more resilient? Once you choose who you are going to be, the actions and results will come, I know, because this is how I live, not survive. How to transform a breakdown to a breakthrough.

With chocolate, champagne and coasts diminishing we agree that life must have all three. You can’t have life without chocolate, champagne or coasts. Can you? So we adapt to our diminishing resources, pack the chocolate away and call it night. We always have tomorrow to finish the chocolate and champagne… but do coasts have tomorrow?

Just a random tangent as I was mopping the house post chocolate and champagne. I better call it a night too.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate, champagne and coasts, what’s in common?

  1. Hey Naomi. Plenty of mojo in your life at the moment, you are on a roll. Just wanted to share that I am enjoying your posts. Josiex

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