A hungry, starving disruptor

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-10-41-31-pmI’m beyond hungry, I’m starving. I’m starving for disruptors to make their mark and influence systematic change because the climate crisis is getting real and the normal coastal stuff we deal with everyday just keeps piling up. We need urgent, large scale action and we need to rethink and act bold to disrupt the system.

But when you are a disruptor of the system it’s a hard slog. Because you only make up about 10% of the system, so you are left convincing the other 90% to buy into your octagon looking ideas, rather than the normal OOB tried and tested troubleshoots. It’s even more of a challenge when those eight-legged wriggly, perhaps untested ideas don’t fit the system, perhaps a strategy or even more frustrating an Act. There is too much unknown and those who have the powers to say yes or no, are not convinced. Yet you know, because you are a disruptor of the system, an innovative change agent, know that they’ll work. You are a firm believer of the dream and know beauty will be the output of an unknown metamorphosis.

Following me? Hang in there.

Disruptive leadership is the buzz word for new leadership models. It sounds exciting, perhaps scary. But most of all, explosive when alongside the more traditional approaches to leadership, especially for change. For those who are swept up in the whole disruptive way of doing things, or scared of change (the other side of the spectrum!!), we must not forget about what goes before and after disruption, who else needs to be part of the systematic change process.

This leads me to my key point of the tangent, how can we influence the yay or nay sayers to say, YES, to disruption? Or simply put, a new way of dealing with the climate crisis and other pile of coastal stuff. How can we be of influence?

First up we need to recognise the value of teams, team management and team leadership. Because we have:
+ Dreamers: people who envision what could be
+ Designers: people who design the dream
+ Disruptors: people you find a way to make dreams happen
+ Disempowered: people who don’t believe
+ Disengaged: people with no dreams, or couldn’t be bothered to dream

You need to understand their assumptions and impact lenses to then string together theories (string theory… o no!!), to identify what makes them tick, perhaps, moved, touched or inspired. What get’s them moving and shaking.

Next up is how to string together the vehicles for change to influence for urgent, large scale action? Until then, don’t forget the dreamers, designers, disempowered and disengaged.

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