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Raise Your Hand Please

Raise Your Hand Please

There is no doubt that I read a lot into what I see. This helps me ground truth ideas or perhaps seek other opinions to challenge my thoughts. Either way, it helps me gather evidence to make decisions and overcome my scatter-of-a-brain thought processes.  To this effect and for this tangent I started reading into motivation, specifically, self-motivation and how self-motivated people make the perfect team players for projects for change.

Because there I was  literally an hour ago sitting on the couch catching up with my flatmate watching a reality TV show that we have somehow become obsessed with. At the same time I was scrolling through my inbox and saw a promising email about a future project, a big project, that I would say was initially my idea, but now it is also someone else’s and it’s happening. The timeline and networks have been thought out and we have started the roadmap for another change making project – literally, in one conversation and one email.

About 5minutes later I followed up on another change making project opportunity. An organisation I volunteer for called Responsible Runners has some funding to reward volunteers. The first thing that came to my mind was an epic clean beaches party at Burleigh Heads. I put my feelers out and to this effect, an 80% success rate bounced back in next to no time with people and organisations self-nominating themselves to be part of it. Date, done. Location, done. Wording for flyer, done. Flyer design getting organised, done…  another project done in one Facebook message.

You have got to love technology in the palm of our hands to create change. However, you have got to be in love with self-motivated team players who make the change happen. Why? Because self-motivated team players are the secret to successful projects for change. Why?

  • They are very productive
  • Results driven
  • High levels of efficiency, so waste less time
  • Outperform
  • Continuous learners
  • Problem solvers
  • Intrinsically motivated
  • Complete tasks with minimal input
  • Don’t require extra rewards

I swear this has been my secret to success over the last couple of months with the number of projects on the go. I even have one of my mentors and PhD supervisors blogging about my thesis topic. People often ask me how I seem to manage so much, and what I say is that it’s definitely not all me. It’s the teams of self-motivated people who self-nominate for these epic change making projects. Everyone who is part of the teams I am involved in are essentially self-motivated individuals. It just takes for someone to see their motivation and capitalise on what they are offering (illusionary leadership).

Illusionary leadership can wait for another tangent as I have to finished the self-motivated, self-nominated submission I am driving for the Australian Government’s review on the National Landcare Programme…

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