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I’ve had nothing scheduled to do or follow up in my Google Calendar for the last few weeks. Or rather only my travel app synced reminders to remind me where I am going and staying as I am traveling across Europe visiting friends. This way of being is a killer way for me to end a fast, jammed packed year. Because part of me and at times all of me throughout 2016 wanted to be free, schedule-free. My Facebook cover photo reminds me of this desire, to be free and perhaps free as a bird. 

But are birds actually free? I’m no Ornithologist and barely scraped through Zoology 1 at university (chemistry was my thing back then), but I do know birds live a territorial, frightful and demanding life. You just have to take a walk through a park during mating season (if in Australia I should say Magpie season) and if you are not looking ridiculous wearing zip-ties tied to a helmet, you’d get what I mean. It’s frightfully scary to think that a bird that territorially swoops can make a grown man duck for cover or wave a stick in the air shouting something obscenely inappropriate. All because birds are not entirely free, right? 

Where is this going? That’s right, it’s the end of another year and I haven’t had a reminder about it other than my Facebook feed reminding me that in fact it is that time of year and that time of year when we reflect on the passing year and pitch new year resolutions to the world. 

If I can bank on my experiences this year, learn from them and take my closest friends advice to slow down, 2017 will look like this… 

  • Eat less sugar 
  • More swimming
  • Less work
  • Less volunteering 
  • More writing 
  • More reading
  • More sleeping
  • More (time for) love 

Sounds idyllic, maybe I should schedule it in now before the next year is over (that was a joke, haha…actually I probably will to some extent). Although in all honesty I am stoked on what happened in 2016 so whatever happens in 2017 I know it’ll be perfect. Because I had massive wins and losses this year and the same happened in the previous year and the year before that one etc. 
So here are my top 2016 stoked moments (in no order of preference): 

  • Kick starting Intrepid Landcare with the coolest bunch of legends and getting some cool projects over the line without begging.
  • Being awarded the co-winner for the National Young Landcare Leader with the west-coast stella, Ella Maesepp and having my family and friends there supporting me.
  • Getting a PhD Scholarship from Griffith University and having an empowered team around me to take my ideas to the next level.
  • Letting go of my dreamboat…my classic 1962 VW Beetle.
  • Successfully completing the Introduction Leaders Program with Landmark Worldwide (that was massive!) and forming lifelong friends with the course’s participants. This will forever be lifechanging. Can’t wait to Coach this year!
  • Coaching people for them to see anything is possible, even plant 17,100 plants in one day.
  • Having my heart broken to remind me I’m not steel and that I have to nurture myself and be more accepting of others.

Lessons I’m taking into the new year:

  • Don’t ignore something or someone even when I’m flat out. Everyone is equally busy and important.
  • Write when I read and enter my references into the holy grail of my PhD (THE spreadsheet) straight away.
  • Park project ideas until I’ve complete current projects and have had a day off. 
  • Use the sleep app on my phone to put my want for more sleep into action.
  • Only buy what I intend on eating not what I might… that’s including sugary foods. 

I’m not going to gamble any new year resolutions rather than take lessons learnt, particularly mistakes, and make sure 2017 is swimmingly more fun, random and spontaneous. 
I want to thank all my friends and family for supporting me in 2016 and I look forward to an amazing year in 2017 (filled with more time for my friends and family). 

Love me xo

(Apologies for any bad edits on this post because I’m on my phone). 

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