Honesty and humility – Part 1


Taking in the sunrise show across the south coast

Last Sunday and well before dawn my friends and I woke up energised and some not so energised for a sunrise hike to take in the view of Drawing Room Rocks in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve on the south coast of New South Wales, not far from Berry. As we arrived at the beginning of the hike the black sheets of darkness around us blinded any beauty that was yet to be explored and experienced. With the starry-sky slowing turning from black to blue-black but before fluorescent orange, yellow, pink and purple, we started to ascend.

There were five lights ahead of me, one behind, and mine gave me enough light to make my way up the mountain through the forest and heathland then onto the plateau. Weaving through weathered-stunted tea-trees and leaping from one rock to one boulder, the weathering Hawkesbury Sandstone also illuminated my path with speckles of glitter. My imagination romanticised with the idea of following the bioluminescence of a mystical creature as I climbed the foreign mountain.

The morning choir of birds was yet to begin so besides the sounds of the wind, deep breathing, some panting and stomping, there was silence. We were focused on reaching the plateau before the blood orange sun broke over the horizon, across the Pacific in the near distance. With only a warm breeze to cool the body, sweat poured from my glands, so when I could I gracefully wiped my forehead free from my salt-infused perspiration. Not knowing how far or hard the hike was yet to be I paced myself, and reminded myself, there was no need to rush.

There was no need to rush. I reached the lookout before the sun-broke the new day. I found some carved rocks among a patch of healthy-green lomandras to soften a bed as I nestled into the bowls of the unique-looking volcanic rocks. I was surrounded by my friends as each of them also chose a space to rest and reflect while taking in the sunrise show.

As the sun rose the colour of the sky highlighted the low-lying clouds as they transitioned from fluoro orange to yellow and pink over what seemed to be a lifetime. Conversation soon turned from what cloud would you be, to favourite colours, and other favourite things. Then the conversation got more meaningful as we shared our favourite goals for 2017, and opened ourselves to embrace honesty and humility to show our real cards on self-awareness and development.

The practice of honesty with others and myself around my responsibilities is my favourite self-awareness and development goal for 2017. I think I am an honest person, however, I do know I do withhold information which I should be more generous with. What I do know is that I will struggle with practicing honesty, thus, I need to practice humility as well; rather than being honest for the sake of being honest (which I know and have been told can be disruptive and aggressive).  What I do know is that I have the best friends around me , which some of them were around me, and they will help me negotiate honesty and humility throughout this year.

Why is honesty and humility a hand-in-hand value? I will explore this next time!

This tangent is part of a reflexive journal for my Phd (these are my opinions and ideas about institutional leadership and change). This tangent is a reflection from an experience during an Intrepid Landcare Board Retreat 2017 (a pretty sweet meeting spot!). Enjoy, and credit where appropriate.


One thought on “Honesty and humility – Part 1

  1. Ultimately the truth is nature will make us honest ( or at least expose the lies).We mainly lie to ourselves to justify a want,or protect someone else’s feelings.
    Most of us would prefer to hear a little white lie than a blunt fact.
    Being committed to being true to yourself is a great aspiration .

    Thanks Naomi I like your thought provoking and honest tangents

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