Coastal Quotes

One question that surfaces while looking out to sea, is as our salty sea holds 95% of the world’s water, what percentage of the world’s beauty does the sea hold? – Naomi Edwards

Somehow conversation didn’t motivate conservation – Naomi Edwards

Living on a coastal planet with 71% ocean and 29% land and where the coast amounts to 1.63 mill km of coastline, such distances would seem to call for action – Naomi Edwards

When we act with good intentions, less will bring more and a beach experience for everyone – Naomi Edwards

Only to be inspired by the dynamic nature of dunes is also quite the characteristic that describes me – Naomi Edwards

Whatever you believe in or live by, keep your prayers alive in hope for a radical leader to walk barefoot along our beaches, be baptised in our ocean and be one of us. We need a radical coastal leader to show us how to better manage our coast before it’s too late – Naomi Edwards

Power from the ocean, waves and coast – Naomi Edwards

Sandy coasts are fluid environments and are always changing, active, dynamic, recovering and eroding – Naomi Edwards

As we watch beaches erode part of us erodes too – community identity, cultural elements and the makeup of a coastal society – Naomi Edwards

The coast shapes the community and community shapes the coast – Naomi Edwards

I am aware, I am active, I am involved, I am engaged and now I lead. Or maybe I’m just entangled in the coastal network? – Naomi Edwards

Similar to the way wind, waves, tides and currents shape our coast and at times produce perfect sets of waves; influences, opportunities, love and friendships can create incredible sets of experiences. Though what lies beneath is what creates perfect flowing senses. As fluids of sand granules settle to define banks and troughs, life lessons define humanity and ability within – Naomi Edwards

There are reasons for risks.  Risks to limit our presence and protects isolated diversity – Naomi Edwards

Soon enough, the ocean becomes part of you, as you become part of it. As your footprints are washed away and kept by the ocean, you walk away salt-lathered and sandy and keep a part of it. Through time, this exchange becomes a flowing act in your memory, simply without any realisation – Naomi Edwards

Communities in effective control know they have coastal trimmings – Naomi Edwards

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