Stuff I can do


I am a professional community mobiliser that inspires communities to create change for the better. I have the knack of turning issues into opportunities, open conversations, collaborate and celebrate what people love.

Do you have an idea, issue or innovative solution that needs legs to start walking and happening? Connect with me to discover how I can help you. I work with government departments, local councils, businesses, the non-for-profit sector, community groups and individuals at a fee for service.

I have expertise in Environmental Science, Communications, Community Development and Leadership and have a diverse academic education background – BEnvSc (Griffith University), BComms(Hons) (Griffith University), MInt&CommDev (Deakin University), Leadership for Sustainability Graduate (United Nations University), and currently undertaking a PhD in Humanities (Griffith University).

Key skills:
– Co-design for change
– Workshop design and facilitation
– Project branding – O love branding!
– Facilitation of meetings, workshops and community information sessions
– Asset based community resource and strategic planning
– Evaluation and monitoring
– Communication: Master of Command, development of communication strategies, marketing, branding and web development tools
– Technical services, planning and reports

–  Intrepid Landcare (co-founder & board member)
– Australian Coastal Society (member)
–  National Surfing Reserves (board member)
– SEQ Catchments Members Association (member)
– Landcare Australia: Young National Ambassador
– Gold Coast Catchment Association (member)
– Women in Coastal Geoscience and Engineering (member)

ABN: 97 982 128 215

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