Happy Beaches

Can a beach be happy? This is what I am interested in finding out.

smilie face

1. How the beach makes you feel and whether this is related to beach health, sustainability and the empowerment of ‘community’ on your beach.

2. How does your beach experience shape the person you are, influence your understanding of the beach and even ‘participate’ at the beach – back to your beach experience.


For the last three decades, leaders within coastal management have been advocating for institutional reform to re-shape the way Australia’s coast is manage. Although integrated coastal zone management sounds ‘integrated’, it is far from integrated; and I think I have a few thoughts about ‘the why’ – which I’d like to share.

Follow Coastal Tangents to follow the beach happiness research journey. See links for further information.

Happy Beaches
Why do you like the beach? Because it makes you feel happy.
The Beach Happiness Index conference presentation.

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