Naomi Edwards

Naomi Edwards  5I’m Naomi Edwards. I will confess I’m a true blue Queenslander that has lived along the coast my entire life. Sand grains have been and are never too far, if anything probably too close.

I am obsessed with beaches and coasts and have a thirst for understanding the people, communities and cultures by the seaside. This has led me to undertake a PhD at Griffith University to understand Australia’s Coastal Professionals: the culture, conflict and consensus.

If we are going to influence change for the coast we must understand the role of the coastal professional and how they negotiate between their personal and professional values – among much more of course!

So, for you to understand where I come from in the world and how my views, ideas and tangents are constructed, it might be useful to know a bit more about me.

I’m originally from the northern tropics of Townsville and moved to the Gold Coast when I was a child. I work professionally in the coastal and environmental industry between the crossroads of business development and community development. I love designing, pitching and packaging ideas. I am proud of co-founding a national non for profit, Intrepid Landcare, that connects and empowers young people to act and lead with Landcare.

I’m also a committee collector. Some people collect stamps, I seem to collect committees. To date, I am actively involved with six or seven community groups/ committees/ boards and just recently had a fleeting thought of joining another. Why so many? I see inspiration, knowledge and experience within all these committees. Being Gen Y, I want to grasp as much as I can to keep gasping for more and open opportunities. I could be an overachiever, a little to optimistic, but I have a vision, a plan, which leads onto the next part of me.

Someone once told me, “This here – looking over to an un-vegetated coastal dune – is your canvas Naomi [it did look like a canvas]. What you choose to do with it is up to you, however you can create your own masterpiece”. As nature is a true artist, I believe I have started to create my own masterpiece, by being an advocate for the environment, plant trees, pick up litter and more importantly, inspire others to follow and create their own environmental masterpiece.

I find it interesting how your roots also shape you to be who you are and perhaps will become. My father being an artist, who fell into the Paper Mache` scene (yes, I did have the best piñatas growing up at birthday parties), and my mother, a disability advocate, together created me. Also, being one of four siblings, and two step-siblings, attention was sparse, so seeking attention had to be fast and savvy. Hence, I have a sporadic mind that is constantly thinking of ideas to engage people to become interesting social environmental artists in their own right. I live.

Everyone has ideas, channels of thoughts and ideologies that sprout from discussions, inspiration or simply put, fleeting thoughts. I guess this is the reason why I decided to free dive into the blogging space, to at least, put my own channel of thoughts and ideologies that sprout from discussions, inspiration or simply put, fleeting thoughts out there.

As I love the coast, I want to share my grains of ideas to shift your sand and carve channels to create more coastal masterpieces. Being a professional in the environment space, living on the coast, breathing the coast and saving the coast, this blog is solely for my coast, your coast, our coast, and the coast’s own coast.

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