KeepCup dilemma

(pc: KeepCup)

(pc: KeepCup)

I’m obsessed with KeepCups. I keep one in the car, office and handbag, and if I know I’ll be having coffee with a friend I’ll remember to take two or three. They are the best secret santa present and socking filler at Christmas time, and an all round great idea for those who are busy, on the run and choose to live sustainably.

Why do I go to such a hassle of making sure I use a KeepCup for my takeaway coffee?

In Australia, we use over 1 billion take away cups every year, adding to the 53.7 million tonnes of waste we produce every year.  Coffee cups are now the second most littered item next to water bottles and if you thought the ‘paper cup’ you sip from is sustainable, think again. If it’s not stamped with ‘biocup’ where the lining could be made from biodegradable plant-based materials, it will most likely be plastic-lined. Don’t even get me started on the plastic lids and the ridiculous culture of sipping from a single-use takeaway cup in a cafe…

My local cafes know that I am into the environment right, because I take my KeepCup everyday to get a takeaway coffee. They are stoked and sometimes I get a discount of up to 70c!

It’s been a great relationship with one of my locals, until the other day.

I went into a cafe on the way to work and ordered my usual, a regular latte.  I gave my KeepCup to the lady who took my order and to my disgust she picked up an espresso cup and wrote my name and order on the takeaway cup and then placed it inside my cup and passed it to the barrister.

I said excuse me, the reason I bring my own cup is to NOT use a single-use takeaway cup. She literally replied, o that is interesting with little to no regard of what I was saying and why. I then continued to explain my reasoning and asked her to not use the cup but then the barrister said, it is now store procedure… but I come here almost everyday! Are you saying that if I come here tomorrow the same thing will happen? He went on to say that it’s the same as writing on paper, a paper note, a paper cup, same same, right? NO!! Then we ended up in a debate about how one action doesn’t make a difference, and I was thinking, what the hell, what year are we in and am I really in a dilemma?! Haven’t you seen the news… with all that plastic floating in the ocean?

If the coffee wasn’t good I would have asked for my money back and left.

If I wasn’t someone who was persistent to embrace change I would have let this go. I have been sharing this story since Thursday to get a consensus and my local today, who gives me a 70c discount was shocked. Why? Because it doesn’t make sense.

So what can I do? I can tangent about it, done. I can share my story, done. I can meet with the store owners to discuss options, right?

Stay tuned.

Almost didn’t make it

Today was one of those very few days for me. I can probably count the number of days I didn’t want to go to work on one hand – lucky me. Rather, today I just wanted to stay at home with my crazy, cute dog and write creatively about the coast. Reality then hit me. I need to get organised and turn my most passionate passion into a reality.

It sounds almost too romantically beachy; though all I want to do is challenge coastal management, celebrate what we love about the coast and together hope iron out the coastal riff-raff.

Why, because it was brought to my attention (again) that a much needed project may never bring back a particular beach due to resourcing issues. You see, I probably know too much and too little at the same time. But what I do know is that it’s not only about time and money in coastal management. This time round it’s actually about sourcing enough sand, keeping in mind we have many more years of sand-resourcing too come.

To bring such riff-raff into your coastal world and let you in on the coastal management world, communicating about the diversity and complexity of coastal management is important. This is why I end up spending my free waking moment’s chit chatting, thinking and writing about coastal management and all things coastal. Even dreaming about it, only to wake with a Coastal Tangent in thought.

It’s official! I’m a coastal communicator and need to figure out how to turn my free waking coastal moments into an economically-viable stream of Coastal Tangents.

This time round, I did make it. Went to work, had fun, handed out icey-poles, slashed my to do list, even wrote a grant and got home at a reasonable time, with just enough to get a tangent in, walk the dog and now head to my mother’s birthday dinner.

The coast has a spell over me.