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Just when I thought my escape from the beach existed between the hours 10pm – 1am while I indulge in my second passion – architecture – the beach bites back. So, what do I do when I am not thinking about beaches? I watch Grand Designs on You Tube and skip those ads… until … holy crap … it’s me… on a You Tube Ad?

Coastal management, dunes, coastal community engagement, Gold Coast’s beaches, study, commitment, volunteer and wait for it, Friends of Federation Walk gets a plug too.

While I definitely need more training in front of the camera (geez I twitch) it is awesome to see my story about where studying at Griffith University can take you. If you have been following me for sometime you would know that I really started to move and shake the coastal management world when I started volunteering back in my environmental science student days, and more specifically with Friends of Federation Walk.

Today, I am living the dream where I work, play and live at the beach. Travel to different beaches. Share my knowledge about beaches and write about the beach.

From an environmental science degree to a masters of international and community development and now doing an honours in cultural studies (beach happiness), trust me when I say that studying at Griffith University has definitely inspired me to be a better person and that person is making difference along Gold Coast’s beaches.

Don’t Skip. Watch the Ad.






End of an era

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It’s almost the end of an era. The reality of wrapping up at the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management and cleaning out my not to messy desk after five and a half years feels cleansing already. I can already sense the clarity I’ll be able to indulge in and time freed up to focus on my next chapter that will take me to more beaches… I am dead shore it will.

I can remember my first day as if it was yesterday! I think the Centre slightly head hunted by passion and drive before I even knew I had passion for the coast and drive for community action. A voicemail turned into a morning tea, which evolved into a job offer and after that, since then I’ve done around 350+ community and school sessions. No wonder I can talk under sand about sand while I watch sand build beaches.

Wow, who knew my life would revolve around our living sandy museum? Not I.

So, tips for the passionate candidates who dream of working along some of Australia’s best and cleanest beaches with the finest community.

– dream big
– say yes
– be creative

See the attachments for the position descriptions! PD-BeachCare and PD-CoastEd – and contact to let them know you are keen!