Skip Ad?

Just when I thought my escape from the beach existed between the hours 10pm – 1am while I indulge in my second passion – architecture – the beach bites back. So, what do I do when I am not thinking about beaches? I watch Grand Designs on You Tube and skip those ads… until … holy crap … it’s me… on a You Tube Ad?

Coastal management, dunes, coastal community engagement, Gold Coast’s beaches, study, commitment, volunteer and wait for it, Friends of Federation Walk gets a plug too.

While I definitely need more training in front of the camera (geez I twitch) it is awesome to see my story about where studying at Griffith University can take you. If you have been following me for sometime you would know that I really started to move and shake the coastal management world when I started volunteering back in my environmental science student days, and more specifically with Friends of Federation Walk.

Today, I am living the dream where I work, play and live at the beach. Travel to different beaches. Share my knowledge about beaches and write about the beach.

From an environmental science degree to a masters of international and community development and now doing an honours in cultural studies (beach happiness), trust me when I say that studying at Griffith University has definitely inspired me to be a better person and that person is making difference along Gold Coast’s beaches.

Don’t Skip. Watch the Ad.






A broken promise for a good reason

I’m in one of those states of mind. When it’s probably best to not share my thoughts being infused with good wine, inspired by great company and now tired. But yet again, I can always justify a tangent, and tend to sleep better with one less thought going around and around in my head.

I was extremely fortunate to be in incredible company with some of the creative minds from the Griffith Centre for Cultural Research. Humorous, passionate and questioning individuals, who almost seem to come across as being starved of knowledge from their eagerness to learn – more. Who, what, where, why and how community engagement and conservation conversations happen?

My creative mind was let loose. Speaking as myself from nowhere else besides were I was present. My thoughts became empowered and instead of just being typed across this screen, finally shared in a creative welcoming space. Or simply shared over a table with a few academic crushes and passionate environmentalists…

There are too many thoughts to wrap and tie up to send them off across the world in one tangent. Rather, here is a dot point summary I promise to elaborate at a later date:

  • Challenges of communicating conservation conversations to activate change and motivate responsible behaviour
  • The he said, she said counterbalance act between mis-informed communities, media and decision-makers
  • Rules of negotiations and transnational to micro cross cultural communication
  • Can media coverage be used as a measure to hold decision-makers accountable of transparency?
  • Issues with loss of public spaces to have open conversations

I’m attending their Communication4Conservation Masterclass and Workshop today. So, expect a tangent/s about the experience. Pumped, is how I feel.