Burnt and grounded

Take me back to Lord Howe Island. My perfect island getaway.

Take me back to Lord Howe Island. My perfect island getaway.

Unassuming to all there is a normal person within me. I am just like you. Hello.

Today I turned 29. Wow. Can I really be 29? Besides the few extra wiry white hairs, sunspots and more leathery looking hands, I feel the same as yesterday and I am sure I will feel the same tomorrow. Well kind of, maybe a bit happier?

Hopefully as I am feeling tired, overwhelmed and sad today. Honestly. Whether it’s my high expectations on myself, the amazing Happy Birthday wishes on my Facebook page reminding me who I am for the world (and you) or that it’s my period (which is probably the cause of the stream of tears, damn hormones) it’s important to be honest with you and with myself.

Maybe I am having the ‘30’ freak out? Remember the 24-to-25 years old freak out? That felt like yesterday. But this week has been quite the wake up call and that being I need to be grounded, something that is missing in my life and has been missing for sometime.

Fortunately I have incredible friends and one very dear friend coached me in 5minutes flat last night on who I am and who I desire to be. Right now, I am overwhelmed and not because I have taken on too much, I am just not managing my own expectations and listening to myself. I know I live a life with eyes too big for my stomach, which is why I book myself a getaway every three months to reboot my energy. It’s just that getaway is overdue.

It’s a shame as I pushed myself too far this week and turn into a hormonal bitch before I realised that I have been a hell of a monster (maybe it’s hormonal) but the truth is I did cross the line.

I submitted my PhD application on Monday – again – with 10minutes to spare until the midnight deadline, only because my go-go attitude had swamped my life leading up to the submission date and I got the days and dates mixed up too. My supervisors were extremely disappointed, people I highly respect. I felt like shit when I did it too. So, we spoke about it and I took their advice and withdrew the application. Relieved is an understatement.

But then my dog ate my mum’s Tupperware. Shit. I know. You know mums and their Tupperware. We still haven’t spoken and I feel like shit about it especially considering I have the training, premier leadership training, to get clear on the underlining issue. One thing I recommend and it’s why I seem to get stuff done is that I have a coach, I work damn hard on myself and train my own way of being. Be the cause I desire to see in the world. 

Which has helped me become ‘present’ to the ebbs and flows of my life…

Right now I am seeking strength and I know tangenting isn’t going to help with that – although at least it will help me get over my tired, hormonal story. Ah. I smile and laugh.

What I do know is that there is more strength in being honest and sharing my ‘weaknesses’, my ‘sadness’. I want to be honest with you and with myself, and that being all I want for my birthday is your support to help me find my grounded self and for you to be the leader you can be for yourself and the world. 

Happy birthday to every other 9th Libran Baby! I just got it… I need balance.

Happy birthday to me.

What does it take?


What does it mean to be part of the community and how do you keep your enthusiasm about inspiring change for the environment? I was asked these questions today which was kind of ironic considering the steam I let off the day before. But putting all the ruffled feathers aside, to be quite frank I believe there is more good than bad on the Gold Coast  (not sure about the world as I seem to be getting more cynical for every white hair I find). But like I said in the last tangent, it’s not as if people wake up in the morning want to stuff up Gold Coast beaches, right?  I certainly hope not.

So, my answers to these questions were quite simple.

To be part of the community is something special and I believe it comes down to being proud and having ownership. I say it again and again, I truly love the Gold Coast – I love the community, the environment, the opportunities, the challenges, and the experiences and memories that have shaped me to be the person I am today. But most of I am proud to be part of a story that still being written as the Gold Coast is constantly changing, it is never a dull moment. And the characters within the story are compelling, compassionate community change makers to say the least. There is someone in almost every corner, nook and cranny who is working on a change making idea to make our community even more loveable.

All this then ignites passion and the enormous energy it takes to stand for what matters to us.  Having a vision, being determined and seeking for the best outcomes are the next steps. But to achieve something great, it takes passion, purpose, people, a proactive attitude and a plan, and definitely persistence. Because our community and the environment doesn’t deserve standard practice, it deserves best practice, only the best. That means to achieve this you need to have it all!

But what happens when you don’t have it all? Where do you find out? How can you access it?

Well, you will have to wait until the next tangent. Until then think about what it takes for you to change your world, your life today to achieve the best.

Good night!

Living a life you love

living a life you love

Living a life you love has been my mantra along with other inspiring quotes for the past year. Why?

You see, I thought I was perfect, everyone does? I had an amazing job, was in a head space to be able to contemplate studying a PhD, met a crazy guy, was training for a half marathon and had my fingers in many pies (still do!). That was until I started a personal development journey. There I was, standing vulnerable and open. Then I realised I had baggage of bad traits – always late, lived in my own world and on my own time and thought I was always right (seriously, I couldn’t accept any other way) and that I complained about things that were out of my control. Geez. How could I be the person I aspire to be with all this excess baggage? Sure I had excuses… I am working on HEAPS of projects that are helping the environment and community, I need to be in Naomi World to be creative and perform and of course I am right, look at me, I am perfect with multiple degrees.

Then I discovered what life could be and look like if I gave that all away. I’d be present, accept all that comes my way and live for others at whatever cost that was/is involved.

Today, I know I am not perfect but I am a person that lives a life powerfully. I create distinctions for myself to be a new possibility – everyday! Today is to be the best person I can be, to be a person on time and to be a person full of commitment. But to get to here I had to give away my time excuses, start to live for others and accept (almost) everything.

The reason I am sharing this is because I know many people who say they are busy (I bet you do!) are actually not … if you really look into your life what do you see? Poor time management, lack of commitment, nil focus and/or procrastination?

For me, by creating new possibilities all of a sudden I found (and still find) all this free time, creativity and opportunity. In the meantime during this self discovery journey I left my amazing job to find a more amazing job, my personal and professional life became more real and I found more commitment to live a life powerfully – which has become second nature. Yeah I might still snap at those I love and forget things, but I am learning and accept that transformation to live a life powerfully is a lifelong journey – where integrity is at the heart.

Above all I am truly blessed to have people in my life to support me, love me and care for me. Like, how lucky am I?! To live a life powerfully and a life I love.

If you want a slice of what I have check out Landmark Worldwide. Now, I better get back to writing out my research transcripts!

Have a beautiful day!