Living a life you love

living a life you love

Living a life you love has been my mantra along with other inspiring quotes for the past year. Why?

You see, I thought I was perfect, everyone does? I had an amazing job, was in a head space to be able to contemplate studying a PhD, met a crazy guy, was training for a half marathon and had my fingers in many pies (still do!). That was until I started a personal development journey. There I was, standing vulnerable and open. Then I realised I had baggage of bad traits – always late, lived in my own world and on my own time and thought I was always right (seriously, I couldn’t accept any other way) and that I complained about things that were out of my control. Geez. How could I be the person I aspire to be with all this excess baggage? Sure I had excuses… I am working on HEAPS of projects that are helping the environment and community, I need to be in Naomi World to be creative and perform and of course I am right, look at me, I am perfect with multiple degrees.

Then I discovered what life could be and look like if I gave that all away. I’d be present, accept all that comes my way and live for others at whatever cost that was/is involved.

Today, I know I am not perfect but I am a person that lives a life powerfully. I create distinctions for myself to be a new possibility – everyday! Today is to be the best person I can be, to be a person on time and to be a person full of commitment. But to get to here I had to give away my time excuses, start to live for others and accept (almost) everything.

The reason I am sharing this is because I know many people who say they are busy (I bet you do!) are actually not … if you really look into your life what do you see? Poor time management, lack of commitment, nil focus and/or procrastination?

For me, by creating new possibilities all of a sudden I found (and still find) all this free time, creativity and opportunity. In the meantime during this self discovery journey I left my amazing job to find a more amazing job, my personal and professional life became more real and I found more commitment to live a life powerfully – which has become second nature. Yeah I might still snap at those I love and forget things, but I am learning and accept that transformation to live a life powerfully is a lifelong journey – where integrity is at the heart.

Above all I am truly blessed to have people in my life to support me, love me and care for me. Like, how lucky am I?! To live a life powerfully and a life I love.

If you want a slice of what I have check out Landmark Worldwide. Now, I better get back to writing out my research transcripts!

Have a beautiful day!