Magic meets mentorship


This is what happens when magic meets mentorship. Accepting the Manpower National Young Landcare Leader award.

Despite spring’s less intense oceanic processes with seasonal lake-like calmer waves, energy remains high as earlier sunrises and the seeding of dune plants remind me that summer is approaching and should I scarily share the sense of squeezing every dream and idea that I had envisioned for 2016 out of me. What a year it has been, pumped and it is still pumping.

Last week my impression, expression and expectation for life aligned with taking out the Manpower National Young Landcare Leader award with Ella Maesepp. I am pretty stoked, believe me.

Now I am back home and back to reality of balancing work, Phd, volunteering and finding true love, reflection is a high priority. Reflection gives me access to recalibrate myself to envision where to from here. When you are living a life you love it is important to seek feedback to stay gracious and grounded.

All this didn’t happen overnight. It has been a journey, in fact 10 years. This season marks my 10th year of volunteering in the environmental sector and in particular, with Landcare. It feels like it was only yesterday when I met Dave Hopman, one of the most inspiring leaders in my community who inspired me up to plant trees for life. His words echo my beating heart everyday to strive to live in a world where environmental justice happens without the struggles of advocacy, activism and action.

He said…

“It is up to you what you want to do with you life, why not create a masterpiece. That is what we are doing out here, planting a masterpiece as nature is a true artist” – Dave Hopman

How’s that for my first impression of Landcare? And you wouldn’t believe that I bumped into him last night while walking my dog. Life is aligned. He was stoked as I shared my award-winning news.

Now for expression. What was going through my head when I was awarded the award was, wow, can this actually be happening. Of course. All those early mornings setting up events, late nights writing grants and sharing my sunshine for Landcare during daylight with anyone who crossed my path … #landcareforlyfe, ey? Of course this was bound to happen. But the secret in the success is that I have had my tribe supporting and backing me. The screams of excitement and proudness screeching from tables 38 and 42 made it so much easier to soak in the opportunity and live it up. The award was for them just as much as it was for me.  Now was not the time to diminish myself and cut my poppy seeds. Now was the time to soak it in.

As I accepted the award I said, “This is what happens when magic meets mentorship” – I think.

This is so true, because winning such an award is like magic and we all know what goes into pulling off magic. Lots of dedication and passion. And seeking advice and knowledge from people before you, your mentors. I am blessed to have so many mentors. My family, friends, colleagues and tribe.

Lastly, I want to reflect on my expectation for life. I try not to put pressure on myself and others with high expectations, but at the same time I expect the best because people and the planet deserve the best. So this one is a bit tricky for be to grapple. My friends and family would say I am an overachiever, always onto the next thing before the now is over but this time round I am staying grounded… well until everyone is back to reality in their own self and ready to start creating more expectations.

But in all honesty it is the expectation of others that puts pressure on me to perform. I hate letting people down, especially, my mentors who have supported and backed me. They deserve only the best from me. Part of me sometimes wants to live another life but hey, when you get to wake up everyday being happy and healthy, and work with incredible teams and communities to create a better world for all I wouldn’t change a thing.

Impression, expression and expectation is where I am at with reflecting. Congrats to all the finalists and award winners at the 2016 National Landcare Awards. It’s pretty special to be part of a movement like Landcare. Enjoy your day xo