Pyla Dune series: first impressions

It’s official! I’m not the only person on this planet crazy about dunes. The French take dunes to another level that’s for sure.

How do I know? I saw Pyla Dune today and it’s also official that I can at times be speechless. No words can really sum up my coastal thoughts about Pyla Dune in one tangent. So, I’ll let you in on what I am feeling at the moment by the photo gallery to get your coastal thoughts thinking.

First impressions for a series I am bound to tangent about.


Holidays or should I say a European Summer Getaway

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Happy holidays! Yes, I am on holidays or should I say a European Summer Getaway. A long awaited trip to see the regal architecture of London and soon countryside, and the rest, including France and Italy. I have bravely embarked on a month-long trip with my dear mother goose. So far (the last 48hrs or so) have been somewhat divine and spent getting lost within the disintegration of time.

Though only to wake early this morning to blurt out this very tangent to bring some clarity to what does being on holidays actually mean for an overly obsessed coastal advocate-scientist-communicator-citizen?

More often than not, if you live, work, rest and play along a stretch of coastline, such life distinctions are probably blurred. Being a youthful coastal professional, my ears are perched to hear how the forefathers and mothers of the coastal scene actually clock on and off.

What I am getting at, if you enjoy all the elements of your coastal lifestyle, do you ever get to go on holidays? Or are we really just coastal slaves of our own coastal destinies (which led my cousin to point out yesterday that maybe I should just have some work beaches and then list the others as play beaches – though this would result in sacrificing some management actions and if this was to happen I probably wouldn’t want to spend ‘my’ time on a unhealthy beach, right?).

Or am I really just one in 7-billion that actually dream about dunes and think about how to re-re-re-define what I do (am about) – hence, to find myself waking to get this tangent out – geez, I do need a holiday.

Or am I just doing my love ones a favour and allowing them to have a holiday away from dunes…

Or maybe I shouldn’t have brought the Mac Air, iPhone or iPad and actually attempt to remove myself from all possible actions that could be classed as coastal (work).

But, that wouldn’t stop my thoughts of the coast. If anything, running through Hyde Park yesterday excited me about integration of open green spaces with the blue and golden coastal interface at home. Wow, I am boring or coastly-weird. And even the water cycle of the many fountains, from the sky, mountains, catchments to the coast or the urban water design as they are probably on a 100% water-recycle scheme.

Nevertheless, I am here and now feel clearer that I have blurted out this tangent. Now I can spend the rest of my day café-in, shopping and taking photos – see I am on holidays.

Notting Hill here we come!