Why politics matter?

(image source: Pin by Paradise News St. Pete Beach)

(image source: Pin by Paradise News St. Pete Beach)

It’s scary to think most of all my inspiring friends who are passionate about creating change for the better are far from having a conversation about politics. It’s either boring, confusing or overwhelming, but being quite frank that is not good enough. We don’t have time to petty the boring, confusing or overwhelming vibes as forests are being destroyed, turtles are are dying from ingesting plastics and seas are creeping closer to shore squeezing beaches into non existence.

This is why every one of my friends should be involved in politics. Either talking about it, enrolled to vote or be a contributing member of their chosen party. Because this is where change occurs, policies put forward and negotiations played out to find the best solution (or where the majority wins which isn’t always the best solution – look at Queensland….). For too long the business as usual approach has prevailed over preservation and conservation, leaving the hippies behind the corporate world.

It’s time for change, ’cause if we don’t change not much will be left.

I am inspired to share this ’cause I am proud of and empowered by my boyfriend’s passion to create change through politics. Daniel Kwon, the Candidate for the Broadwater Electorate, is creating that possibility for our community to have an inspiring, youthful and passionate political leader. A leader who will stand up for what matters and create change for the better… for…


What are you concerned about it? What are you passionate about? What are you doing to create change? Make sure your political leader knows about it and if you are in Broadwater tell Daniel Kwon today…. 

Wanted: a radical coastal leader!

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This tale of a tangent builds from the very same conversation I have with my dad almost every time we catch up. Having the upmost respect, love and admiration for each other, we always end up agreeing to disagree on the contrasting ideologies between Science and Christianity.  Though today we broke through a barrier I just have to share…

As I am neither an Atheist nor a practicing Christian and my dad being far from an Atheist and Scientist, we never seem to agree on the fundamentals of creation. Though when asked the question whether I believe in God and Jesus, I sense a sigh of relief from my dad when I say, “yes” to both. As there has to be some kind of higher spiritual power and why not believe a bearded radical walked the planet 2000 years ago, right? It’s just my Science background tends to somewhat outweigh the mythical prophecies of the bible. Truth speaks for itself as a fact is a fact – Science is factual, while Christianity is a way of life.

Now, I don’t want to start a debate or discredit anyone’s beliefs. Your life is your life and I give immense credit to those that live by giving. Though the question my dad begs me to answer each time being a believer of God and Jesus – why can’t environmentalists, scientists and even crazy dune conservationists believe what the bible says about creation? As I’ve stated, a fact is a fact, my fellow peers have proved evolution through natural selection time and time again. You see it seems so simple to understand evolution on the pure basis that species act on opportunities to be more efficient and effective. Therefore, those that earn the ability to rise above outlive those that struggle. Aha, just like the battle of David and Goliath – I think we can draw some similarities…

Nevertheless, being a stubborn Libran, I’d much rather spend my time figuring out how all camps can live and breathe together, which now brings light to the point of this coastal tangent.

As I am no philosopher and having only found two white hairs, I am far from a position to answer a question that has raged war in every corner of the world. Though what I have found a position on, is the lack of ability or willingness for all camps to relate to cultural diversity or fundamental similarities. Whether you believe in the big bang theory or the flick of God’s creation wand, both principles give birth to creation via the powerful integration of mass and energy.

If this is true and you agree to some extent, the boundaries, rules and laws set in stone by higher power still to today give us a way to go about our everyday lives  – i.e. legislation. Whether you live by textbook facts or biblical theories, what I think we all need to understand is the fundamental principle of power. More so, how power is neither created nor destroyed rather simply transformed. Therefore, you and I have the same power.

And I see the misuse of power every day in my field within the coastal management. Some people think they have more power based on their hierarchy, while others feel powerless for the same reason (e.g. decision-makers vs. community members). Being immersed in the coastal community network it breaks my heart when community conversations end up being taken as a mere tick in the box process. It’s bullshit!

To bring this into context in regards to God, Jesus, o and creation, what I am trying to explain is that when the power of coastal communities is misused locally, the next and last step is the cyclic disintegration at the gates of State Government. This belittles the ability for coastal issues to rise up and become real opportunities – and actual coastal creations. Please remind me how our coast lacks constitutional power, yet defines cultural similarities for 86% of Australia’s population?

Where to from here? Whatever you believe in or live by, keep your prayers alive in hope for a radical leader to walk barefoot along our beaches, be baptised in our ocean and be one of us. We need a radical coastal leader to show us how to better manage our coast before it’s too late.